Applebutter Pie and Cheesy Biscuit Bombs

I work at Olde Towne Medical Center in Williamsburg, Va. I have been there almost 5 years now. Erica was hired shortly after I started as my patient care representative. We worked together for many years and made it through many fun and challenging situations. Sadly for us at Olde Towne she decided to move to North Carolina. I am hopeful that this move will be a blessing for her and her family though it is hard to say goodbye… Food always eases the pain of goodbyes a little though. I made some cheesy biscuit bombs and an applebutter pie. Hopefully North Carolina will treat her as well.

These biscuits were real easy and a huge hit.


The only problem I had was that most of the cheese melted out onto the pan which fortunately I had covered with aluminum foil. However the inside was still lined with cheese and was empty and airy inside sort of like a popover. With the herbs and Parmesan cheese it had an amazing taste and you’d never know it was a grands roll from a can. Awesome.

Next was the pie. This was interesting. It was Aunt Margaret’s Applebutter Pie from Ken Haedrich’s book “Pie” I have to admit that I did make one mistake with the ingredients….


Therein the picture is a small bowl of the lemon juice I squeezed out of one lemon. I was supposed to only put in one tablespoon of lemon juice .. But I got on a roll….. And I just threw it all in…. Probably not much more than a tablespoon but….

The pie tasted great and it was so different. It did taste like apple butter but it also tasted a lot like lemon meringue pie and I’m not sure that’s what it’s supposed to taste like that. But I love lemon meringue pie anyway so it was great for me!

Taste – 3+/5
Time/difficulty – 3/5 (prebaked crust)
Appearance – 3/5

I may make this one next year when I get my hands on some good apple butter again to see what it’s supposed to taste like!

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