Farmhouse Bed

Ana White King Size Bed Build

At least a year ago I decided that the next woodworking project I wanted to work on was a new bed for Nicki and I. I had no idea how long this would end up taking. I got my plans from a combination of bed plans on the Ana White site but I made some modifications to fit my needs.

The great thing was that it was all made of white pine which is super cheap. I did have to buy some hardware but that was because I wanted to make the bed easy to take apart and this is not necessary. In addition this build became so much more involved because we wanted to stain it instead of paint it….. This led to a LOT of sanding…. A LOT! Then this was followed by a LOT of staining and many coats of polyurethane…. And a LOT of drying time. This was a great project to learn patience.

Here are a few pics from the build…..




Headboard sitting in my “workshop”



Staining Footboard and Headboard


So happy that the sideboards with cleats fit so perfect and flush!


All together now but not yet complete…..


The finished product!

We used a stain from Cabot called Tannery ( 2 coats) and about 2 coats of brushed on polyurethane. The finished project probably cost about 250 dollars which is about 1/3 the price of a similar king size bed of a similar style. Great project and not too hard just space and time-consuming!

Thanks to Grandma Ricks for the awesome quilt on the end of the bed which was a wedding gift.

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