Nursery Shelf with Closet Rod

As I had mentioned before, Norah’s nursery doesn’t have a closet but, if she is her mother’s daughter, she will need one. I decided to build her a shelf that I found in Ana White’s new book, The Handbuilt Home . In the book this is actually an entryway shelf with coat hooks. Instead of the hooks I decided to install a closet rod. Who knows? Someday I may decide to remove the closet rod and turn it into an entryway shelf after its no longer needed for a “closet”!

Here is the shelf after I finished building it.


We decided to paint it pink to add some color to her room but I felt like it needed something to break up the oppressive amount of pinkness. I decided to paint the ends white …


Then I applied some photo stickers of daisies I got from Michaels .


I used a kitchen scraper on each flower to make sure each edge was pressed tight so there would be no bleeding of the paint.


After two coats I peeled the stickers off before the paint had fully dried and ….it worked pretty well!

All I had left to do was put a coat of polyurethane all over and three coats on the closet rod since it would be getting the most wear and tear. Here we have the finished project!

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